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Geyser Installation is quite an Easy Process

Geyser Installation is quite an Easy Process


Jan 30 2019


Geyser retains a quantity of water in an insulated cylinder. They provide hot water at mains pressure. When empty it will take time to reheat the water, but it will reheat the water quickly. It is a commonly used home appliance. There are two types of geysers available in the market. They are -

1. Tank - Type of water heater

2. Tankless water heater.

Tank - type water heater - As the name suggests tank-type geyser or heater has a storage tank to reserve hot water. Tank type geyser maintains the temperature of hot water within the storage tank with the help of automatic thermal control. It is the most popular type of water heating system for home use. The constant need to keep the tank’s water hot consumes a lot of energy – even when the hot water tap isn’t running. This is called standby heat loss. It is the major drawback of tank-type water heaters.

Tankless water heater - It is the most common type which is used by everyone. This type does not consist of any tank to store water. It is like a small rectangular box mounted on the wall, that carries a burner or heating element, thermal control knobs, and internal piping. The water heater starts only when there is a need for hot water. The heating sensors sense the water flow, which in turn heats the water. It is available in electric as well as natural gas models. Installation of geyser - geyser installation is quite an easy process, firstly gather all the required components. Now to install the geyser first check for the connections. There are two connections inlet and outlet. Inlet is for cold water, and to fall into the heater. The outlet is for hot water. For people who want to install on there own there is a small tip to differentiate between inlet and outlet. There will a copper layer in a connection and that is the outlet from where we can get hot water. Set the pipes and mount the geyser to the wall. Though the installation is quite an easy process, making mistakes can lead to geyser damage. We Doorstep Hub provides the certified technicians for best Geyser services.


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