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How to identify water leaks from a front-load Washing Machine?

How to identify water leaks from a front-load Washing Machine?


Sep 28 2019


Here we are going to discuss how to check and identify water leaks from your washing machine.

Alert: Safety first always unplug an appliance before carrying out any work.

Check the washing machine leakage problems,

1. Dispenser

The first place is to check is the dispenser. Now inside the roof of the dispenser housing, we have some water jets that can get bunged up by mold and cause water to leak from the dispenser and can cause the water to come right the way around the door seeming like you have a leak from the door itself.

So if you are in any doubt or your jets are dirty given them a good clean with a brush, put your dispenser drawer back in and when running trap a piece of tissue under the dispenser drawer.

If the tissue gets wet it means that the leak is coming from the dispenser and not the door itself.


2. Door Seal

If you’ve checked the dispenser drawer and the leak is still coming from the door area of your washing machine, it’s likely to be the door seal inside. 

Now the lips of the door seal can become damaged due to brining heavy washing in and out of the machine or getting torn by zips. So do check the outer lips of the door seal very carefully for any rips or tears. If your door so is damaged you’re going to need to replace it.

If you have a leak underneath the machine at the front it may be that the door seal itself has become damaged. So in order to inspect the door seal properly pull back the door below and inspect for any tears or holes. If you find any damage, the door seals itself needs to replace it.


3. Filter

The next area that we’re going to look at is the filter, so just remove the filter cover and here we have the filter inside.  Remove the filter; please be aware that in your machine there may be water inside the filter housing. So it’s a good idea to put a towel down or a shallow tray just to catch that water.

If you’ve recently taken the filter out to clean and you’ve noticed that there is a leak coming from the filter area, it may be that the seal down here on the filter has become contaminated with grit or fine particles. 

So give the seal a good clean making sure that there is no contamination on it and also where the seal meets the machine, have a good clean in there as well, meaning that seal on the filter will work properly.


4. Check the leak throughout the machine

It’s a good idea if you’re having trouble identifying exactly where the leak is coming from on your washing machine,  grab a piece of cardboard or paper, slip it under the washing machine, run a cycle and monitor throughout the cycle exactly where the water builds up on the cardboard or paper. 

Please be aware though that as I said with dispenser water leaking down from there may run around the front of the door and drip down there. So always follow exactly where the water is coming from to identify the leak.


5. Water leak from the back of the machine

If you have noticed a leak at the back of your machine it may be coming from the hoses. Wrap a piece of tissue around the hose and put on a cycle and see if it gets wet.

If it is getting wet during the cycle it’s good to check the seal within the hose to make sure that it is in good condition. When replacing the hose make sure that you do it up nice and tightly by the hand.

So here we have seen how to check and identify the water leaks in your machine. If the issues are not fixed by cleaning the parts that are specified then contact Best washing machine service center.

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