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7 Ways To Pick Up Right Colors For Your New Home

7 Ways To Pick Up Right Colors For Your New Home


Jan 05 2019


One of the biggest achievements in today’s world is to own a house. Once you own one, the next big step is to choose the colors that match your needs exactly the way you want. These simple tricks will make choosing the right colors simple.

1. Start Small:

If you are dubious about color, paint a small hall or area between rooms or bathroom. You will instantly understand if the color works for you or not.

2. Think About Your Mood:

When choosing a color, think of the   room. How do you want to sense when you resting in your bedroom or dining with your family? Select colors on your feeling and needs.

3. Pay attention to lighting:

Paints show differently in various lights. Hence it is desirable to see them in daylight as that shows the truest color. So it’s important to understand lighting in the room and select colors accordingly.

4. Experiment with colors:

Don’t be too discreet with colors. Play with your imaginations. Use your creativity level. Use the eclectic prints in your child’s room or some really nice soft and bold sequences to make your house look interesting.

5. Walk Into Another Room:

Consider the walls in one flow. Assume how they interact with each other. Choose colors, how they will flow from room to room to create the own illustrated picture.

6. Monochromatic Schemes:

You may assume one color can be boring. You can be totally wrong. Create bold or subtle changes within one color group. Use closely related colors or try a single color in various finishes. Sometimes the monochromatic colors can give you a simple yet dignified look to your house.

7. Choose different paint finishes:

A single color used on walls but with various finishes gives a cohesive look to your room.

Choosing colors and finishes can be amazing. But, a little bit of accurate listening to your gut-level excitement with some understanding can go a long way in complementing your walls and your home!

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