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Termite Inspection and Treatment Services

Termite Inspection and Treatment Services


Dec 29 2018


Are you planning to buy a new property? Don’t leave anything to chance. Call our Termite Inspection Expert to checks its worth from Termite Infestation point of view. Depending on the property, Home Loan companies require an inspection done by a professional termite control inspector before sanctioning the loan.

Normally, termite inspection detail is done by a licensed Termite Control Trainer. A trainer will be able to absolutely access if a building is indeed infested with subterranean termites, or if the problem is caused by other structural pests present in the house. The inspection covers the whole premise from top to bottom and may take just one-two hours time to complete.

We offer free Termite Inspection/treatment in Hyderabad and calculate the Termite Risk Analysis by preparing a detailed report. It helps in calculating the worth of the premise and future risks against structural Pests like subterranean and dry wood termites. Log a Call @ 8886688666 for detailed inspections and Termite Pest Control Services in Hyderabad.

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