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Top 4 Common Hard Disk Problems

Top 4 Common Hard Disk Problems


Feb 20 2020


Hard Disk is one of the most important components for every computer/laptop. Hard disk contain large amount of data.

It doesn't matter if you use Windows or Mac: A damaged or malfunctioning hard drive can affect the full operation of your computer and cause several other problems. The hard drive may fail after accumulating bad sectors for a long period of time or suddenly crash. The gradual failure of a hard disk is difficult to detect since its symptoms are similar to those of other computer problems such as viruses and malware. These symptoms are generally file corruption and deterioration of the PC speed. Hard disk corruption generally results from the increase in the number of bad sectors that accumulate and eventually disable the hard disk.

Indication of hard disk failures:

Hard drive failure can occur gradually. It is difficult to diagnose the gradual failure of the HDD, since its symptoms, such as PC deceleration, damaged files, etc. They can be caused by other problems like malware or viruses. The growing number of bad sectors can cause damage to the hard drive. The HDD gradually adds the bad sectors to its defect table and finally stops working. The HDD can fail in several ways, which can be limited, progressive, total or immediate. In most cases, data can be partially or fully recovered. In severe cases, the data can be completely destroyed.

Reasons for hard disk failures:

There are several reasons for hard drive failure. Some of the reasons are virus attack, poor power supply, damaged operating system, damaged block, etc. Hard drives may fail due to worn parts. The most common reason for HDD failure is the head lock, where the read and write head of the device touches the plate and scratches the data storage surface. A head crash can cause data loss and one must recover the data with the appropriate equipment.

If you suspect that your hard drive has failed, your first course of action should always be to shut down your system. Hard drive failure can be sudden, complete, gradual or partial, and most of the time data recovery is a possibility. If you have also found a hard disk error like this, do not worry. We are here to help you with a complete guide on hard disk problems and solutions that will help you solve all kinds of unwanted situations. Contact dell Laptop Repair Service Center nearby you.

Common hard disk problems:

  • Manufacturing Defect
  • Overheat and dust
  • Virus and malware threat
  • Corrupted files

Manufacturing Defect:

This problem will occur when it is delivered to the customer without testing the hard disk. If the computer does not recognize a hard drive in your computer or if your computer fails to boot, it could have a manufacturing defect in your hard drive.

Overheat and dust:

Heat problem associated with hard drives. If the computer/laptop is used excessively, the hard disk fans begin to move slowly and the system begins to heat up immediately after booting. In addition, click noises are also heard from the system hardware, which is an indication that the hard drive is overheated. The reason for this is the lack of adequate ventilation or a faulty CPU fan that overheats the system to the point that the hard drive fails.

Virus and malware threat:

The virus attack is one of the main problems facing HDD. This problem occurs when the hard drive is attacked by a virus or malware program. It even spreads to other systems through the network. Your system may receive viruses from other media, external drives, network, etc. If the user backs up files that contain viruses, the system becomes infected again and a hard disk failure occurs.

Corrupted files:

Files can get corrupted by not shutting down your computer/laptop properly, power surges, using malware infected programs or accidentally shutting down programs while they are running.

Damaged files can not only cause you to lose data, but they can prevent you from accessing parts of your data and parts of your computer/laptop completely.


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