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Troubleshooting Steps for Common TV Problems - TV Service Center

Troubleshooting Steps for Common TV Problems - TV Service Center


Oct 04 2019


Present, Television is a common home appliance and plays a major role in our daily life. No one can imagine a single day without television. Nowadays television has such importance. Everyone is having a minimum of one television in their house. They provide information all around the world.

Now information is everywhere. But television has a particular importance. If you watch something on TV, you know that millions of others are also watching it and that it has been verified, designed and created by professionals. That’s the reason television always remains as the most popular and trusted platform for news, culture, sports, and entertainment.

Television is a fabulous educational tool. It explores the knowledge of different cultures, increases tolerance and global understanding of international issues or concerns. Through current affairs, discovery, lifestyle, cooking shows and children’s programs, television promotes scientific and cultural interest.

If your television does not function properly for one day you would feel like something is missing. So before you call any TV service center or any Technician you need to check these steps first.


Common TV Problems:

1. Check with the power supply: 

Television is an electronic device that needs electricity for operation. So check your TV  is properly plugged in or not. Check all the cables plugged in the right place. Is the socket working or not?  Unplug your TV and plug in a working device into it. If the device does not work it indicates that the problem is in the socket and not on your TV. So call an electrician.

2. Check the remote control:

Check your TV remote control and television settings. Sometimes we may press the wrong buttons or possibility of change in the setting of sound and picture. Sometimes our kids play with the remote and press some buttons out of curiosity. So once check all the remote control and general television settings. Or in some cases, you remote just need battery/cell replacements and so that is the reason your TV is not turning on.

3. Check your TV has proper airflow:

Televisions emit heat while in operation and require air vent from the top and back. But very frequently we use our TV cupboard as a storage unit. This covers dirt around TV vent causes overheating. Due to this overheating the TV gets shuts down or doesn’t function properly. So give some space to your TV and let it breathe for living.

4. Unplug the TV and plug it in your Xbox:

Many times the picture quality gets disfigure. The problem may be on TV or the set-top box or in the cable connection. So before you call a TV technician, once unplug the cable connection and connect the TV with additional picture sources like a blue ray or DVD player or a gaming console like Xbox. If the quality of the picture gets to normal, then the problem is in your cable connection or set-top box and not in your TV and vice -versa. So you have to call your cable connection provider, not a TV technician.


After checking these steps if you confirm that you have a problem with your TV then consult nearby Led/LCD TV repair service center.

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