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What Kind of Microwave Oven Should I Get?

What Kind of Microwave Oven Should I Get?


Sep 16 2019


A microwave oven is an electronic kitchen appliance used for reheating the food and for cooking a variety of food items.

One of the first questions, when you want to start baking, think which oven is best for me, if I buy a convection microwave, an OTG or some other?

Types of Microwave Ovens:

  1. Convection Microwave Oven
  2. Oven- Toast Griller (OTG)
  3. Built-In  Ovens


Which is the best oven for a beginner?

Few things you would need to know and a few things to consider before you buy a microwave oven for a lifetime.

Broadly speaking, if you would go for the counter-top ovens, the kind which sits on the counter of your kitchen, or also you would go for the built-in ovens, the kind which is built into the wall of your kitchen.

Again in the countertop ovens, you could go in for a convection microwave or go in for an oven toaster griller which is commonly called an OTG.

Built-in ovens again could be either convection microwaves or gas-operated ovens or electric ovens.

So, when you plan to buy a Microwave oven, here are some things to consider. 

•             The capacity of the oven

•             Level of interest in baking

•             The space you have to accommodate

•             The budget and after-sale service available in your city for the brand.


  1. Convection Microwave Oven

            A convection microwave oven can cook, reheat, grill food and bake your food as well. So this is one compact gadget that does it all. It’s really simple to use, bakes your food evenly all the time.

Microwaves normally come with digital control and display, a feature I love and appreciate. But microwaves can be quite heavy, so you can't change or move them. Therefore, you should have enough space on your kitchen counter reserved for this oven.

The maximum capacity of microwave could be around 32 liters, and if you go in for a microwave of this capacity, you could easily bake for a family of 4.  A convection microwave can cost upwards of 15,000 depending on the brand, capacity and the model you are buying and of course, you are buying it online or offline.



  • One major drawback about the convection microwave is that it is limited by capacity. You can bake only on one grill and one level at a time. Which means you can bake one cake or one cookie sheet at a time.
  • You cannot use some large standard-sized baking cans in a convection microwave, especially rectangular ones, because the can will continue to hit the microwave walls as.
  • So if you entertain very often or if you aspire to bake commercially, the limited capacity of a convection microwave may prove to be a serious drawback.
  • So be sure to go to the store, take a look at the various models available, and also read the comments on the model you plan to buy.


  1. Oven- Toast Griller (OTG)

Oven-Toast Griller or which is commonly called as an OTG. You can bake your food and even keep it warm.

But you can’t really use it for cooking or reheating your food, which means that if you have an OTG, you would still need to have a microwave to cook and reheat your food, which means additional counter space in your kitchen to house both the gadgets.

  • OTGs are quite lighter in weight, which means that you move it around, and you could also shift it as and when you need it. OTGs normally come with manual controls.
  • This will cost you 9000 upwards depending on the brand, capacity and the model you are buying and of course you are buying it online or offline.
  • The capacity of the OTGs normally goes up to 60 liters that could bake more at a time; you could bake 2 cakes or 2 sheets of cookies and even bake on 2 levels at a time.
  • So the minimum size I would like to suggest if you are going to buy an OTG would be about 40 liters.
  • Bigger OTGs come with different modes for baking as well, so be prepared to spend some time in figuring out what works best for you and how your oven works.


  1. Built-In  Ovens

 Coming to built-in ovens, there are microwaves; there are electric ovens and then gas ovens which come as part of the cooking range. So these are a different deal altogether as they are built into the wall of your kitchen as the name suggests.

  • Built-in ovens are really elegant, and stylish and also come with a bigger price-tag.
  • This could cost you anywhere between 25,000 to 1,00,000 upwards for premium brands.
  • But if you are happening to live in smaller towns, I would suggest you be especially careful with the after-sale service if you are going for built-in ovens.


Therefore, there is no perfect choice for a Microwave Oven, as it would vary according to the different parameters and their individual requirements.

I would like to suggest starting with an OTG or convection microwave oven when you start and then upgrade to the built-in ones later depending on your level of interest in baking.

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